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Political Education Toolkit

Through #BeyondBirthWork, we have engaged in political conversations to inform the public about doulas and the impact of Bills A364B & S3344B on our respective communities. 


We have created a Political Education Toolkit in order to ensure community organizers are adequately prepared to receive community and provide listening sessions independently or with a facilitator from Ancient Song Doula Services. All documents within the toolkit were created to facilitate and streamline what the process will look like for addressing this recent legislation as a unified voice. 


The Political Education toolkit includes the following documents for community sessions and engagement: 

  • Political Engagement Contact Sheet

    • Everyone that enters the space and wants to join the conversation should first sign-in by filling out the Political Engagement Contact Sheet.

  • Political Education Series Presentation

    • We have created a presentation that breakdowns the recent legislation and outlines the following: Legislative Process, Unintentional Consequences of Bills, Recommendations for Better Language, and Next Steps. 

  • Digital Marketing Flyers

    • We have created a postcard and Instagram photo series for social media and distribution at community events for increased awareness of and access to our advocacy campaign.

If you are interested in scheduling a political education and listening session, please contact us at

Interested community organizers can request access to our Political Education toolkit through the link below. Please allow 24-48 hours to allow your request to be accepted.

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